Tuesday 5 June 2012

Non-Standard Soil Stabilizers

There is the “myth” out there, that there are some wonder substances that will cure all soil stabilization and dust problems on all soil types in roads. This is unfortunately postulated as such, by some suppliers and users alike.  As a supplier of a particular material used to stabilize clays in road bases for some 15 years now, it has become very clear that, with the immense variety of soil types and road characteristics, that this type of silver bullet treatment is impossible.  The various products are usually suitable for a particular soil type or road design and not suitable to treat highly plastic clays and gravels with the same good results.  In many cases the products are applied to the wrong soil type and/or not constructed in the right way.  

We believe that there some good non-traditional road treatment products out there that are suitable for specific soil types and careful selection and design procedures for each project should be carried out before deciding on a specific product type.  In some cases there are similar technologies that will resolve a particular soil problem with differing results such as life cycle of the particular technology and the exercise then becomes more of a value engineering process.

By: Rhino Rohrs
Rhide Technologies Inc.

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