Tuesday 14 August 2012

CBR Plus/Gravelock Treatment of Soil Enhances Grass Growth.

Client: Wilamette Industries
Location: Oregon, U.S.A.
Road: Forestry Haul Road

The soil type of this road is a heavy clay, A-7-6 –type material, which was treated with 0.022 litres/m2 of CBR Plus/Gravelock. Due to the change in the harvest schedule, the road was not used, therefore there was no further compaction by traffic following the initial construction.

Note: Growth of the grass was significantly better in the section treated with CBR Plus/Gravelock.

Due to no further compaction, when the treated layer finally released all of its moisture, the layer densified and caused shrinkage cracks. To remedy this, the grass was bladed off the surface and the layer re-compacted with a compactor and water tanker. No further treatment was required.

Untreated Road (little or no grass).

Untreated Road (minor shrinkage cracks).

Transition Partially Treated (not much grass).

Treated Road (grass after one season, self seeded).

Treated Road (grass growing abundantly over treated area).

Treated Road (note heavy clay soil in ditch while road is dry).

By: Rhino Rohrs

Rhide Technologies Inc.

www.cbrplus.com / www.gravelock.com